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Check Out These Amazing Music Apps for Android

A music player is an indispensable part of your mobile device. Today, we would like to suggest here the best music apps on Android that you should consider downloading. Now, let’s go to the details to check them out!


Phonograph is a music player that has an eye-catching interface in the Material Design style of Google which ensures that users can experience the best the harmony of features and color schemes as well as conveniently arranged features. This music player application is strongly compatible with Android 4.1 and above devices and is free to use.

Phonograph provides users with basic features and some advanced options when it comes to using purposes. In addition, the app is integrated with Last.fm allowing users to stream music, edit track tags, download album covers, create and add playlists. Moreover, the Phonograph also supports widgets on the home screen and plays music even on the lock screen. As a result, you can easily play music anytime with this music app.
Besides, the built-in tag editor feature allows users to easily edit tags of music files such as title, artist, album name ... for each song or album. In addition, Phonograph automatically downloads additional artist information such as pictures and biographies, making it easy for users to update the latest news about their idols.

In particular, with Phonograph, you can create and edit playlists, widgets on the home screen, control playback feature on the lock screen, view artist information while playing any song or album with Go-To Actions feature. If those features are what you are looking for, do not hesitate to download this music app immediately to enjoy great songs on your Android device. To find out about this app, click this link: Android apps download


Spotify is another amazing music player app for Android with unique features. This app has two versions to experience: free and premium. With the premium package, users will have more benefits such as listening to music offline, enjoy high-quality music, shuffle music comfortably with no bothering ads.

In addition, you can experience features such as Daily Mix with the list updated every day to collect your favorite songs and new melodies), Release Radar providing a list of new songs based on the art you are watching and often listen and Discovery Weekly where you can find a playlist developed based on your listening behavior.

One of the most significant benefits of Spotify is that if you are using it on your phone, you can connect to countless other Bluetooth devices and play music - whether it is a radio, car speaker, Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth connected speaker.

Moreover, Spotify regularly releases updates for its services to help improve your listening experience. This includes appropriate playlists to help you expand your music range and find new artists you may like. This app has been much popular with Android users thanks to its outstanding advantages. Give it a try and you will find it really helpful!

Main features:

Listen to music anytime and anywhere.

Listen to music by artist, album or playlist.

Being optimized for both phones and tablets

Download music to your device to listen offline.

Experience music with top quality

Sign up for Premium packages to unlock more attractive features and remove ads.

Cancel the subscription anytime you want.


The JetAudio HD Music Player is an mp3 player with 10/20 band equalizer and various sound effects. This app will bring you the greatest music experiences.

JetAudio music app can play music over Wifi from shared folders on the home network. It works with shared folders from Windows, USB flash drives and routers or Network drives.

The built-in feature with 32 equalizers will provide a wider listening experience. For those who want to customize their own audio experience, it also provides 10/20 bands tuners and other advanced functions including controlling music playback speed, AGC, and more. For more information, check this site: Apk file

Main features:

Play music via Wifi from shared folders on the home intranet.

Choose how to display between 3 List modes and 10 grid display styles.

AGC (automatic volume adjustment) avoids loud and small volume differences between songs.

Control music playback speed from 50% to 200%.

Browse music by artist, album, song, playlist, genre and folder.

Volume control and balance

Timer sleeps up to 24 hours.

Shuttle Player

Shuttle Music Player for Android is an effective and easy-to-use music player displaying all the songs in the playlist or playing back the songs quickly. With 3 different modes to choose from, this is the solution to help you listen to music with high-quality sound.

This is considered the best looking music player app on Android. Shuttle has a great range of features like audio frequency equalizer, automatic album art download and lyrics. This music app also uses Last.fm, which helps you know which songs are the most listened to and helps you to tailor playlists to your liking. Download the app from here: Apk dowloader

In addition to the visual element, the Shuttle Music Player also impresses with the variety of support features. You can play music, switch to a new song, create and edit playlists, create music queues, access music folders, view lyrics and download album covers.

Shuttle Music Player puts quality elements first when listening to music. Therefore, this app integrates an audio booster equalizer that supports up to 6 bands of all kinds, suitable for many different genres. For example, with the Shuttle Music Player, you will be able to enjoy rock music in true rock or can enjoy the eared bass when listening to modern dubstep music.

To sum up, those above recommended music apps are considered the most highlight ones. You should download to enjoy your list of favorite songs from our apk store. Let music make your life greater!
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