Organismes de formation en angleterre comparé à la france

Bonjour tout le monde,

J'ai besoin de votre aide. Pour un DM, je dois rechercher des équivalents de centre de formation de la France (ex: ANPE, AFPA, GRETA...) en Angleterre !!

Si vous en connaissez ou si vous avez des sites, je suis preneuse ! Merciiiiiiiiiiii

I don't fully understand what you need, but here is some information that might be of help:

The Job Centre is the english equivalent of the ANPE
The Open University provides distance learning, equivalent to the CNED

Sorry, I don't have any internet addresses that might be useful

Merci beaucoup !

Les deux réponses que tu m'as donné... c'est ce que je recherche.

Je recherche les centres de formation qui existe en france et leur équivalence en angleterre (ou inversement).

N'y a t'il pas de centre de formation en grande bretagne réservé aux adultes ? Si oui, comment s'appellent-ils ?

Pour l'ANPE et le CNED... merci beaucoup !!

Si tu en as d'autres, je suis preneuse !!

Encore merci !

For the last two days I have been trying to think of training reserved for adults, and I can't think of one.

Adults can complete their school education (O-levels and A-levels) at evening classes. Universities and colleges are, I believe, open equally to adults and students. But often the study undertaken by adults is specific to the career, not age. For example, teacher training college, nursing studies. Engineers take the exams to be part of, for example, the Electrical Engineers Institute, accountants study for the membership exams of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, or of Cost and Management Accountants,etc.

Does that help?

L anglaise
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