How To Top Stitch Like A Professional Sewer

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How To Top Stitch Like A Professional Sewer

Topstitching is one of the most important things which can make or break your whole assignment. At the time of sewing especially when you are a beginner, things can get crucial as sewing is one of the most delicate things. This is just not about using a
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How To Top Stitch Like A Professional Sewer

I love every inch of the work I do by my hands. Topstitching is the element which has the power to turn the weak project into the strong one and strong project into the weaker if the stitches are not even. In this case, today I am going to guide my sewing community about the topstitching and how they can make it like a pro on almost any project. Nothing too hard, just a few rules to follow.

Presser Foot:

Presser's foot is not that necessary to have when you are working for the topstitching but it can make your work extremely easy and will help you in moving forward without any complications. You can use standard foot, edge stitch foot, blind hemming foot, and zipper foot. All these will help you in coping up with the tricky situation when you are working with the difficult clothing line.

I recommend you to work with the standard foot if you don’t want to invest in the footer and standard foot is ideal to work with but when you are working with the bulky seam then it’s important to switch the standard. It would be great if you will place the scrap piece under the project and then top stitch, it will make your sewing easier as well as much smoothly.

Correct Needle:

Another thing which needs to take care of at the time of topstitching is to use the correct needle. A simple needle can create chaos for your project. You must have a basic knowledge about the needles when you are about to sew something. In the case of top stitching, you need to first have a closer look at the needle and if it’s suitable or not.

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For the topstitching work, you need to first have a sharp enough needle to make your work easy. The needle must be according to the weight and thickness of the fabric for the fast working. The right needle is going to provide you a neat stitch work as well as appropriate strength to the fabric.

Thread and Tension:

In some of the sewing machine, you can see at the time of topstitching thread will be a little disturb and in this problem first, you need to check the tension settings. The first thing I recommend is to go for the high-quality thread which can help you in coping up with this problem and it can also help you in smooth topstitching for the project.

If you have an easy to use sewing machine for beginners then there will be no handling problems during the sewing. You just need to focus on the top stitching as this part can bring the finishing in your project and you will definitely be proud of your skills. Before you start top stitching, make sure your tension settings are on point and check it once on some rough patch for the trial.

Thread Tail:


Use the correct needle for topstitching

The best thing you can try to maintain the balance of the stitches is to pull the thread tails on the wrong side. The right side of the fabric is only for the perfection but you can always do the technical things at the back to provide strength to the front side of the dress. Another advantage you will get by pulling the thread tail on the wrong side is that stitches will be blended easily.

If you will not work the, out from the wrong side then it will be hard for you to cut it out from the front with the perfection and it will be evident that you have cut down the thread from the middle. In case of not pulling the thread from the wrong side, there will be hairy stitches as well which are not going to look much attractive and professional.

Stitch Length:

Usually, stitch length is of great importance and the appearance of your project highly depends on the stitch length. When we are talking about the stitch length then you need to do concise settings on your sewing machine to get the right results on the fabric. If you are using a decorative thread then each stitch of yours is going to be defined and clean.

To make it look professional and skillful, keep the length of stitch longer. The stitch length at the time of top stitch on the denim must be around 3.5mm. This length is going to provide a strong look to the dress and will provide beauty. Always use a rough patch of denim to check the result of the topstitching before applying it on the project.

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Topstitching is responsible for providing the best look to your project and it can also change the look of your perfect looking outfit. To achieve the great results, it’s essential to choose the right color of a thread which can give suitable look to the outfit. I hope these tips are going to help you in doing the right topstitching.
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